Rentals - Conduit Bending Equipment

Trade Tool has a variety of conduit benders available for rent. We offer PVC hot boxes capable of bending up to 6" pipe. Hydraulic and electric pipe benders with shoe groups for emt, rigid, and plastic coated conduit (rob roy) are also available for rent.  If you have a pipe bender but need the shoe group, Trade Tool can will rent just the group.  We also now offer the Greenlee 881 MBT mobile bending table.  This new table stores all of the 881 accessories on one streamlined cart which makes changing shoe groups easier and faster.

Custom conduit bending is also available in the Portland Oregon metro area, up to 4".  It is strongly recommended you call ahead to schedule your conduit bending. 

Call 503.221.8665 or email to inquire about renting bending equipment.

Electric Conduit Benders (also called "sidewinders")

Hydraulic Benders - including the Greenlee 881and 881 MBT
881 Hydraulic Benders Greenlee Tools

 PVC Heaters up to 6" 
(sometimes called "hot boxes")

A-Frame Hydraulic Benders -including the Greenlee 885

Greenlee Tools

Some of the conduit benders available for rental:
Greenlee 881 2 1/2" - 4" EMT, Rigid - Manual for Greenlee 881
Greenlee 555 Electric Bender 1/2" - 2" EMT, Rigid, Plastic Coated
Current Tools 77 Electric Bender 1/2" - 2" EMT, Rigid, Plastic Coated - Manual for Current Tools 77 Electric Bender
Current Tools PVC Heaters 1/2" - 2", 1/2" - 4", 1/2" - 6" (Auto Rotate) 
Greenlee 777 Bender 1 1/4" - 4" Rigid
Greenlee 884 Hyd. Bender 1 1/4" - 4" Rigid - Manual for Greenlee 884
Greenlee 885 Hyd. Bender 1 1/4" - 5" Rigid - Manual for Greenlee 885
Misc. Hydraulic Pipe Benders

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